firestone winterforce cv 195/75r16c load d (8 ply) winter tire


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    Firestone Winterforce CV


    • Winter weather traction
    • Enhanced controllability
    • Heavy load capacity


    The Firestone Winterforce CV is a highway terrain, winter tire manufactured for commercial vehicles. It was made to be mounted on different delivery vans and trucks and multi-purpose vehicles that are meant to carry large loads.

    The tire guarantees first-rate winter weather traction. The directional tread design and the winter compound improve the cold temperature road gripping ability. The five-rib tread features a full depth high-density sawtooth sipe detail which increases the number of biting edges gripping the road surface while driving on ice- and snow-covered road surfaces. The special winter compound keeps the tires flexibility in colder temperatures and ensures excellent traction in all winter conditions. The circumferential and lateral grooves prevent hydroplaning. They eliminate slush and water from the footprint and maintain the tires road contact to boost the wet and winter weather driving safety.

    The model promotes excellent controllability. The directional tread pattern features continuous tread block sequence and special tie bars which stabilize the tread element while the tires are in motion. The tread stability prevents tread flexing which improves the tires road contact. This enhances the steering responsiveness and the driving stability. The better road contact, in this manner, improves the steering response time and accuracy to the drivers commands, while it stabilizes the structure against the driving pressure affecting it during the drive. This allows the tire to improve its control and maneuvering capability and ensure a secure performance.

    The Winterforce CVs internal structure consists of a reinforced steel belt construction and a polyester casing that work together to maintain the tires optimal shape under the driving and load pressure. They improve the tires road contact and promote even pressure distribution with it. This allows the tire to increase its load handling capability, which improves the load carrying and withstanding ability and power. The better load capacity enhances the tires application versatility, making its perfect for commercial use.

    • Size: 195/75R16
    • Season: Winter
    • Performance: Highway
    • Car Type: Commercial
    • Load Range: D (8 Ply)
    • Product May Vary From Picture
    • Tire Rim Not Included


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    firestone winterforce cv 195/75r16c load d (8 ply) winter tire