hankook winter i*pike rs 215/50r17 95t xl snow tire


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    Hankook Winter I*Pike RS


    • Winter traction
    • Fuel efficient drive
    • Easier controllability


    The Hankook Winter I*Pike RS is a touring, winter tire manufactured for passenger vehicles.

    The tire has first-rate winter weather traction. The tire is manufactured using a high grip silica compound that does not lose its excellent traction in the colder winter weather. The tread pattern features different elements that work together to provide extra snow and ice grip. The snow slit sipes and aggressive 2-in-1 tread blocks increase the tires grip and braking ability on snow and ice-covered roads. The pawprint of a Siberian Husky was used to design the special husky slit and husky claw edge of the tire. They maximize the snow and ice traction and, as a result, the tire is capable of handling the harshest winter conditions with ease.

    The tread designs water slant and split holes prevent hydroplaning situations by eliminating and absorbing water and slush from the tires footprint. This ensures that the tire is safe to use in all winter weather. The husky slit, the continuous center rib of the tread pattern, and the snow slit sipes maintain the snow and ice grip and enhance the models braking ability on wintery road conditions. The better hydroplaning resistance and boosted braking ability further upgrade the first-rate winter weather traction and usability.

    The models reinforced internal structure features a wide steel belt layer and a high hardness bead filler. They maintain constant road contact by optimizing the tire shape, which upgrades the driving stability and steering responsiveness. The driving stability is further raised thanks to the 3D siping detail that prevents the tread elements from shifting around during the drive. As a result, the tire becomes quick and accurate in its response to the drivers instructions. The better steering responsiveness and driving stability make the tire easier to control on all snow and ice-covered road surfaces.

    The tire maintains its optimal shape under the driving pressure. The internal structure does not let the tire deform under the driving pressure affecting it, which ensures a safer and more comfortable driving experience. The equilibrium carcass line and the stronger single strand band prevent deformation by strengthening the internal structure to be able to take the driving pressure.

    • Size: 215/50R17
    • Season: Winter
    • Performance: Touring
    • Car Type: Passenger
    • Load Range: XL
    • Product May Vary From Picture
    • Tire Rim Not Included


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    hankook winter i*pike rs 215/50r17 95t xl snow tire