bridgestone blizzak ws90 205/65r15 94t (studless) snow winter tire


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    Bridgestone Blizzak WS90


    • Winter weather traction
    • Enhanced controllability
    • Longer lasting tread life


    The Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 is a touring, winter tire made for passenger vehicles and SUVs.

    The tire increases the winter weather traction by using a durable winter compound and a detailed tread design. The tread pattern features a high-density zigzag siping placement on the stabilized tread elements and a detailed groove and notch placement work together to firmly grip the ice- and snow-covered road surface conditions. The Multi-Cell compound with the silica elements is Bridgestones best winter compound, which maintains the flexibility of the rubber elements in versatile temperatures. This combination enables the tire to securely perform in the harshest winter conditions, without the use of studs. The treads circumferential and lateral groove and notch placement also allows the tire to actively prevent hydroplaning. As a result, the tire can securely perform in harsh winter conditions, which has earned the tire its three mountain peak and snowflake symbol.

    The model utilizes its ideal tread design and flat footprint to greatly upgrade the controllability. The flat footprint and the treads continuous center rib maintain the surface contact throughout the tires performance. In this manner, the model is able to greatly improve the steering response time and accuracy to the drivers commands, while the structure is secured against the driving pressure affecting the model. The stabilized shoulder block placement with the detailed siping placement increases the cornering ability and power. They provide additional biting edges in order to firmly grip the road surface and keep the surface contact during the models maneuvering. The tread designs high-density siping and block edge pattern generates friction between the tire and the road surface. As a result, the tire is able to significantly reduce the braking distance, even on ice and snow. This ensures the drivers better control over the vehicle.

    The Blizzak WS90 promotes a lengthened usability. The stabilized tread block pattern along the tread area avoids tread flexing. Tread flexing generates unnecessary friction, which accelerates the tires tread wear rate. This allows the tread to evenly distribute the driving pressure along the tread area. This enables the model to actively resist premature and irregular wear formations across the tread area, greatly elongating the service life. On the other hand, the tread also features special snow platforms. These visually represent when the tires winter weather traction is about to wear out. They show when the Multi-Cell winter compound is about to wear out and when the tire is about to lose its stronger winter traction. This makes sure that the tires are changed at the correct time and they are not driven in winter conditions when their winter traction is already worn out.

    • Size: 205/65R15
    • Season: Winter
    • Performance: Touring
    • Car Type: Passenger
    • Load Range: SL
    • Product May Vary From Picture
    • Tire Rim Not Included


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    bridgestone blizzak ws90 205/65r15 94t (studless) snow winter tire