super air mips adult mountain bike helmet


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    Size Small (52-56 cm)
    lor Fasthouse Matte Black/White (2022)
    Remmended Uses For Product Cycling
    Vehicle Service Type Mountain Bike

    About this item

    • IN-MOLDINPOLYCARBONATE SHELL AND PROGRESSIVE LAYERIN- A process ed by bonthe helmet’s outer shell to the EPS foam liner to create a sturdier helmet. The process of engineerihelmet liner with variable EPS foam densities to better manage the transfer of s after some s.
    • FSPHERICAL + MIPS – mprehensive energy management. Fspherical enhances our ability to address high-speed s, low-speed s, as well as rotational s. Think of it as mprehensive , with the added bonus of beinable to design better helmet ventilation.
    • FLOAT AND SWEAT GUIDE – A minimalist, lightweight system with an easy-to-turn rubber overmolded dial for adjustments (integrated with MIPS). Sweat Guide pad design pulls moisture ay from the brow pad and ay from ewear.
    • OVERBROW VENTILATION, GOGGLEGUIDE ADJUSTABLE VISOR SYSTEM, AND INTEGRATED BREAKAY CAMERA MOUNT – Overbrow Ventilation features intake ports on the brow of the helmet to usher in ol air and push it through the air-channel matrix for full-head ventilation. Adaptable visor system acmmodates both goggles and glasses and works with or without the visor attached. Seamless camera mount, requirinno zip ties or tape, is engineered to break ay upon to reduce the risk of injury.
    • SPECIFICATIONS – Small (52-56 cm), Medium (55-59 cm), and Large (58-62 cm) Sizes. Important: take a head measurement. Head sizes and shapes can vary, even within an age range. Usihelmet that does not can be dangerous; 18 Vents and 4 Brow ports.

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    Matte/Gloss Red/Gray (2022), Fasthouse Matte Black/White (2022), Fasthouse Matte Red/Black (2021), Matte Camo/Hi Viz (2022), Matte/Gloss Black (2022), Matte/Gloss Black Camo (2022), Matte/Gloss Blue/Hi Viz (2021), Matte/Gloss Blues (2022), Matte/Gloss Grays (2022), Matte/Gloss Green/Infrared (2022), Matte/Gloss White/Purple (2020)


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    super air mips adult mountain bike helmet

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