nokian hakkapeliitta 9 suv studded 275/55r20 117t xl snow winter tire


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    Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 SUV


    • Winter weather traction
    • Studded winter tire
    • Enhanced controllability
    • Fuel efficient performance
    • Improved structural durability


    The Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 SUV is a touring winter tire manufactured for SUVs.

    The tire promotes a secure winter weather performance. It is able to perform in severe winter conditions thanks to the combination of the detailed directional tread and the durable winter compound. The middle tread blocks snow-gripping cuts and the high-density zigzag siping pattern enhance the number of biting edges gripping the ice- and snow-covered road surface with extra biting edges. The durable compound keeps the rubber flexibility in colder temperatures, guaranteeing the tires secure performing capability in various winter situations. Versatile studs are added to the tread area, which further enhance the grip on the road surface when driving on ice and snow. The zigzag circumferential and angled lateral grooves prevent hydroplaning by dispersing water and slush from below the footprint, maintaining the surface contact and boosting the winter weather driving safety.

    The tread design and the stronger structure work together to enhance the controllability. The treads directional pattern closely follows the road surface to enhance the steering responsiveness. The treads constant road contact and ideal grip boost the grip on the road surface and enhance the steering response time and accuracy to the drivers commands. The high-tensile steel belt structure enhances the driving stability. It secures the tires structure against the driving pressure affecting the model while the tires are in motion, which maximizes the drives control over the vehicle at all times. This combination ensures a secure performing capability in all winter weather conditions.

    The model was molded from a special eco-friendly tire compound. This compound enhances the surface traction and eases the pressure off the tire during its performance. As a result, it significantly lowers the models rolling resistance. The rolling resistance is the driving pressure affecting the tire which determines the vehicles fuel consumption needed to keep the tires in motion. By lessening the rolling resistance, the tire decreases the vehicles fuel intake and CO2 emissions, guaranteeing a fuel efficient and environmentally friendly driving experience.

    The Hakkapeliitta 9 SUV promotes a reinforced durability. Nokians special Aramid Sidewall Technology reinforces the tires construction. This added strength enables the tire to increase its damage resistance, while also maintaining the ideal tire shape. The technology prevents punctures, cuts and impact damage from shortening the tires lifetime. It avoids damage to the sidewalls, improving the driving safety levels. This reinforced construction also enhances the load capacity. It enables the tire to carry and withstand heavy loads with ease, allowing the tire to increase the load capacity significantly.

    • Size: 275/55R20
    • Season: Winter
    • Performance: Touring
    • Car Type: Truck/SUV
    • Load Range: XL
    • Product May Vary From Picture
    • Tire Rim Not Included


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    nokian hakkapeliitta 9 suv studded 275/55r20 117t xl snow winter tire