comforser cf3000 e 10 ply m/t winter 35×12.50r18 lt 123q tire


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    The Comforser CF3000 is a mud terrain tire manufactured for light truck vehicles. The tire offers excellent all weather traction. The directional tread design and the high traction tire compound increase the dry, wet and winter weather road gripping ability. The tire keeps its flexibility even in colder temperatures, while the directional tread maintains constant road contact all year round. The large grooves and unique tread blocks manage to prevent hydroplaning by dispersing water and slush from the footprint, while also eliminating snow stuck between the tread elements. The constantly clean footprint improves the road grip and performance significantly. The model great performance off-road. The directional tread pattern’s staggered shoulder blocks and 3D sidewall pattern increases the tire’s traction on soft and loose terrains, especially while driving through mud. The wide grooves and staggered tread blocks evacuate mud and the protection strips eject rocks stuck between the tread. This increases the road grip as the tire provides a clean footprint at all times. The stone ejecting ability prevents stone retention which can cause harm to tire’s tread and casing. The ensured mud terrain performance promotes a more secure drive both on and off-road. The tire was manufactured with a stronger tire compound. It is wear-resistant, which slows the tread wear rate down significantly. The tread design’s maintained road contact decreases the possibility of irregular wear as the tread evenly distributes the driving pressure across the tread area. The stronger tire compound also manages to prevent punctures and tearing that shorten its tread life. The tire’s shoulder and sidewall designs increase the damage resistance as well. They minimize cuts and off-road damage to ensure the safest possible driving experience. The CF3000 offers better controllability. The directional tread design maintains road contact while driving on-road, and the large, staggered tread blocks find good grip off-road to ensure driving stability and steering responsiveness. As a result, the tire is stabilized against the driving pressure affecting it, while the steering responsiveness to the driver’s instructions becomes quick and precise. The better control a secure drive both on and off-road. The intended purpose of Mud Terrain tire types is off-road use. They are not designed for regular highway driving. Tire Aspect Ratio – 12.5

    Comforser CF3000 E 10 Ply M/T Winter 35X12.50R18 LT 123Q Tire

    • Uni-directional tread design with large shoulder blocks and center blocks are for maximum traction in tough road condition.
    • Unique shoulder blocks, protection strip and 3D sidewall, enhance traction in muddy conditions and snowy conditions
    • Shoulder design for minimizing cut injury under severe road conditions
    • Tire Size: 35X12.50R18LT
    • Tire Terrain: Mud Terrain
    • Tire Type: Pickup Truck. SUV
    • Tire Load Index: 123
    • Tire Speed Rating: Q


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    comforser cf3000 e 10 ply m/t winter 35x12.50r18 lt 123q tire