bridgestone turanza t001 225/45r18 91v performance tire


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    Bridgestone Turanza T001


    • Summer weather traction
    • Fuel efficient tire
    • Longer lasting tread life
    • High driving comfort levels
    • Enhanced controllability


    The Bridgestone Turanza T001 is a performance and high performance, summer tire manufactured for passenger vehicles.

    The tire offers excellent summer weather traction thanks to the tire compound and the tire grips the road well in wet and dry weather conditions. The tire is not recommended for use in winter weather, as the compound loses its traction in colder temperatures. The tread patterns wide circumferential grooves channel water from the tread and help resist hydroplaning in dangerous situations. The tire provides superb safety in these conditions.

    The NanoPro-Technology compound helps reduce the rolling resistance of the tire as it increases the tires traction. The lower rolling resistance allows the tire to lessen the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of the vehicle, as well as to slow down the wear rate of the tread area. The tires flat contact patch offers a longer lasting tread by preventing irregular wear with the equally distributed driving pressure. The tread is forced to wear out evenly and it is usable for a longer period of time. The lowered energy use and longer lasting tread make the tire environmentally friendly and economic at the same time.

    The models optimal tread design upgrades its controllability. The tires center ribs maintain the models contact with the road surface at all times. In this manner, the tread design increases the steering responsiveness and accuracy and it stabilizes the structure against the driving pressure affecting the tire. The treads ideal angled tread block pattern manages to boost the braking capability. They create friction between the tire and the road surface to decrease the braking ability and power the tire has during its performance.

    The Turanza T001 RFT offers a quiet and comfortable driving experience. The 5 degree noise reduction tread pattern enables a quiet drive as it lowers the road noise emitted by the tires when in motion. The tires slim, high bead filler improves its handling and provides a more comfortable drive by eliminating the road vibrations.

    • Size: 225 45R18
    • Season: Summer
    • Performance: Performance
    • Car Type: Passenger
    • Load Range: SL
    • Product May Vary From Picture
    • Tire Rim Not Included


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    bridgestone turanza t001 225/45r18 91v performance tire