velo sounisex’s speed/thriatlon bike ver, one size


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    Material Polyester

    About this item

    • CAN BE USED FOR TRANSPORTATION – Made of water-repellent fabric, with moderate abrasion resistance. Ideal for transportinyour bike inside the car or on a car trunk rack.
    • S 99% OF ADULT BICYCLES – No matter whether it is a mountain bike, a road bike, single speed, a fixie or any other kind. No matter what size tires you have on your bike. This ard-winninver will them all thanks to its innovative design and stretchy fabr(polyester and spandex).
    • KEEPS YOUR BIKE AND HOME CLEAN – Protects your home, office, and car from dirt and tire marks. Envelops 100% of your bike and protects it from indoor dust that can damage its mo, as well as from dirt, sand, and salt durinshort-distance transportation.
    • EASY TO PUT ON – Puttinon the ver takes less than 30 senthanks to its stretchy fa a zipper that runs lengthwise alonthe top of the bike.
    • EUROPEAN QUALITY, MADE TO LAST – Buy it once, use it for years! The ver is made of polyester and spandex, and can be easily machine washed when it gets dirty. VELOSOwill look like new no matter how often you wash it.


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    velo sounisex's speed/thriatlon bike ver, one size